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Web Design & Development

Website development is our core service at Top IT. We are providing any kind of website for growing our clients business.We focus on quality, satisfaction & cost-effective solutions. So if you are thinking of a world-class website design & development, Top IT Company is your one-stop solution.

Content Writing & On-page SEO

Professional SEO-friendly content writing services ought to be Associate in Nursing integral as part of each on-line selling company. Content may be a common core for online marketing services from blog to Facebook to SEO and beyond. Once you are at loss for words, our talented SEO Writers are here to assist you.

Traditional SEO

Start ranking higher by collecting more qualified traffic, and growing up your business with fully-managed SEO. services from Top IT with our tech platform, custom SEO campaigns, and elite SEO team. We have qualified experts in Traditional SEO For collecting organic visitor.

Local SEO

Local SEO services will make sure that your customers notice you regionally, which you’re invariably high of mind once customers square measure in your neighborhood. while not native SEO services, your business might miss out on a number of your most qualified traffic, and successively, miss out on sales.

Digital Marketing

Too many social media promoting agencies build scheming campaign performance a nightmare. Not us: Our dedicated team perpetually develops new solutions to make ROI reportage easier for our customers. With Marketing CloudFX, you're able to trace all leads and sales from our campaigns with pinpoint accuracy.

Graphic Design

With epic designers, you get access to Associate in Nursing triumph style team for everything from web site graphics and animated GIFs to written materials and packaging. Submit your graphic style request and receive your custom style at intervals one business day. Repeat as persistently as you wish.

SEO Service Areas

Technical SEO

Top IT Technical SEO

Technical optimization (SEO) involves the following areas:

1.Running a crawl error report
2.Auditing preferred domain
3.Creating an XML sitemap
4.Increasing site speed
5.Optimizing website for mobile
6.Eliminating duplicate content
7.Checking broken links
8.Implementing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
9.Among others

On-Page SEO

On-Page optimization (SEO) involves the following areas:

  • Blog writing and optimization.
  • Landing page writing and optimization.
  • Copy and content refreshes.
  • Creating and updating product descriptions.
  • Technical on-page site audits and error remediation.
  • Site health checks.
  • Website SSL setup.
  • Metadata optimization.
  • Link structure analysis and adjustment.
  • Conversion rate and mobile optimization.
  • Analytics tracking.

Off-Page SEO

Top IT Off-Page SEO

Off-Page optimization (SEO) involves the following areas:

1.Web 2.0 Link Building
2.Blog & Forum Posting
3.Article submission
4.Answer Posting
5.Comments Posting
7.Rss Submission
8.Directory Submission
9.Link Exchange limk building
11.Angela & Paul Link Building
12.Youtube Link Building
13.Google Map Marketing
14.Classified Add Post
15.Social Media Submission
16.Business Network Submission

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Local SEO

Local optimization (SEO) involves the following areas:

1.Google My Business
2.Bing Places
3.Apple Maps Listings
4.Local Citations (NAP)
5.Perform a Citation Audit
6.Build More Citations
7.On-Page SEO
8.Set Up Your Website Structure to Rank Local Landing Pages
9.Optimize Your Local Landing Pages
10.Link Building (for Local Sites)
11.Create and Promote a Useful Local Resource
12.Steal More of Your Competitors Links With Link Intersect

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce optimization (SEO) involves the following areas:

1. Keyword Research for Ecommerce Sites
2. On-Page SEO for Ecommerce Sites
3 .Optimize Meta Titles, Descriptions, and H1’s
4. Unique Product & Category Descriptions writing
5. Schema Markup
6. Technical SEO For Ecommerce Sites
7. Duplicate Content Issues fixing
8. Keyword Cannibalization Errors finding
9. Link Building for Ecommerce Sites
10.Finding Sites Linking to Your Competitors’ Homepages
11.Content marketing for Ecommerce Sites

Top IT Ecommerce SEO


Questions about SEO? Get them answered here:

SEO will vary greatly in worth betting on WHO is giving the service, and there’s an outsized worth inequality for a reason. firms WHO supply SEO at terribly low costs sometimes tend to chop corners, use ‘black-hat’ techniques or use improper SEO strategy, leading to penalties, decreases in traffic and spam for unsuspecting business house owners. Agency costs tend to run higher, however you’re paying for his or her expertise, ethics, and effectiveness.


Consider the yearly worth it might value to try to to SEO yourself:


SEO strategist: $100,000 +

Coder/Developer: $55,000 +

Technologist: $50,000 +

Coordinator/Reports: $40,000 +

Salaries/Fees: $245,000 +


Pricing for a comprehensive in-house SEO strategy will simply run upwards of $245K p.a. for little or medium-sized businesses. Agencies offer their resources, expertise, and Associate in Nursing team for a lower value than it might fancy maintaining an in-house team and involves less risk than outsourcing to a less expensive company.


The Top IT company is a Bangladeshi Company. So the working cost is not high. You can work with them faithfully at a cheap cost.

SEO isn’t Associate in Nursing nightlong strategy. the primary few months square measure dedicated to creating updates to your web site and anticipating the computer program spiders to crawl and index the changes. betting on your website, the quantity of labor it needs, and also the crawl frequency of the computer program spiders, it usually takes 3-9 months to start seeing new rankings.

Traffic is often an immediate result of a rise in rankings. Once your rankings begin to extend, you’ll conjointly begin to visualize gradual increase in traffic to your website. detain mind that new rankings and traffic don’t seem to be fast, it takes a number of months to finish the required updates and acquire them indexed before you’ll begin to visualize these will increase.

Pay Per Click could be a nice further strategy to supplement your SEO efforts and may facilitate enhanced relevant traffic. betting on your specific web site, business and also the aggressiveness of the keywords you would like to travel when a decent agency can advocate PPC on a case-per-case basis.

Achieving the rankings is merely [*fr1] the battle. Since the search engines square measure perpetually evolving and change their algorithms, your rankings will fluctuate from in the future to successive. Maintaining current rankings is simply as concerned as obtaining new ones; it takes constant analysis, updates, and testing to stay your address ranking within the high positions. Discontinuing SEO when you’ve achieved rankings can end in a loss of rankings fairly quickly.

Although link building is often a vital facet of SEO, purchased links and links from spams websites or ‘bad neighborhood’ sites will truly hurt your rankings instead of facilitate. Search engines square measure perpetually searching for links like these. In fact, Google’s ‘Penguin’ series of algorithmic program updates is in gear primarily towards penalizing sites WHO get links by artificial means through link exchange schemes and buying links or have links from spam sites. A recovery from a link penalty isn’t a simple one and may end in vital traffic losses.


Ethical SEO agencies will not guarantee one thing they’ll manage and watch out for any company that claims they can. there’s no thanks to apprehend 100 percent however a web site can rank owing to the search engine’s perpetually evolving nature and to ensure rankings would be unethical. Also, watch out for firms claiming they need a special relationship with Google or will ‘priority submit’ to Google to ensure ranking positions. this is often fully false and untrue, and Google itself warns against firms that create these claims.

gle Content

General terms square measure extremely competitive and would be very pricey to rank for supporting the time and resources it might fancy to bring home the bacon rankings for a term that broad. one more reason we tend to advise against going when terms that are broad is connectedness. If you’re a professional person in Wisconsin, traffic from Arizona in all probability isn’t that relevant to your business. it’s a lot of value effective and pragmatic to travel when terms that relate to the situation of your business.

Google obtains the bulk of search traffic, with regarding sixty seven total searches. Bing comes in second with regards to Revolutionary Organization 17 November, then Yahoo with roughly twelve-tone system and also the remaining Search Engines all total regarding four-dimensional.

Only the techs behind the search engines apprehend this account positively, however Google’s head of net Spam, Matt Cutts, has been quoted speech communication that quite five hundred updates square measure created annually. Since the search engines square measure perpetually evolving and ever-changing, it’s crucial to remain on high of the changes, create constant updates on our finish, and solely use ways that square measure moral and property.


If you have got any further SEO queries that we tend to didn’t answer during this article, or would really like a free SEO consultation for your web site, please contact U.S.


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30% of the total income of Top IT is given to “Choturongo Shongshod Foundation” for helping education, food, and blood donation of poor & hungry people. So your given work can fill a hungry stomach, street children can get the education and sick people can get blood. Give work, cooperate, stay by the side of the poor.

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30% of the total income of Top IT is given to “Choturongo Shongshod Foundation” for helping education, food, and blood donation of poor & hungry people. So your given work can fill a hungry stomach, street children can get the education and sick people can get blood. Give work, cooperate, stay by the side of the poor.
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